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Our Services

Aviation Safety Compliance LLC is a leader in aviation safety consulting. 

Aviation Safety Compliance

We are aviation safety consultants and auditors for commercial, corporate, and charter aircraft operations. We ensure that your aircraft and overall operations meet the required safety standards in the domestic U.S. as well as internationally. 

Safety and Technical Audits

Provide guidance on international aviation standards and policies, including:

14 CFR Part 91, 91(k), 121, 125, 133, 135, 139, 145, 147

ComprehensiveSafety Management Systems

  • Safety Consultation Services

  • Safety Mentoring 

  • Risk Assessments

GAP Analysis

Evaluation of operations to ensure they meet the current standards or accreditation.

Airport Surveys

Review of current operating practices vs required Safety Management System practices.

On-sight Aviation Oversight & Safety Management

Interim oversight services during SMS implementation and/or personnel changes.

Emergency Response

  • Manuals

  • Training

  • Drills

  • Crisis Event Guidance

“You won't find a more knowledgeable consulting group when it comes to Aviation Safety.”

Thomas K.


Improve safety. Reduce risk.

Aviation safety boils down to having the right systems and protocols in place to ensure the protection of the people operating and traveling in aircraft. As automated aircraft technology and systems continues to advance, conformity to internationally recognized standards is needed to ensure safety. Our team has expertise in commercial, corporate, and charter airplanes as well as helicopters, drones, and advanced air mobility aircraft.  

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